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Company "Fatihim Tekstil" (Trademark "Bursa Visne Bebe") started its activities in 1987. The company is engaged in manufacturing and wholesale of clothing for babies and children aged 0 to 16 years. Today "Fatihim Tekstil" exports its products to more than 40 countries worldwide.
Rain Bebe Kindergarten Apparel Industry and Trade Limited Company was founded in 1985 by Kayseri artisan and craftsman Mustafa KARACA (Terzi Karaca Usta) and Fatma Nursen KARACA under the name of "Kar
Haknur Tekstil which is one of the leading companies in children’s wear was established in 1996 in Bursa and manufactures children’s ready-to-wear products between 6 months and 15 years old. Our collection of T-Shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shirts, skirts, dresses, suitcases etc. is acclaimed both in domestic and abroad thanks to its contemporary child-friendly designs and comfortable and functional features. Our products which are sold domestically with the brands “Haknur”, “Tayni”, “Peri Masali”, “MiniWorld” which are our own brands are also exported to countries such as Greece, Germany, England, Holland, Russia. As a result of our work that we have prioritized customer satisfaction, we are going to our production by raising our daily greed since our establishment. We think of your children like our children, pay attention to the sensitivity and quality required in our products … “The Details Are Valuable”
Gercek Kozmetik, which started its activities in 1993 in Maltepe with a pharmaceutical wholesaler named Gercek Ecza, entered the cosmetics sector in 1999 by taking the Marmara distributorship of L’oreal brand. It took an important place in the cosmetic sector in a short time by adding the brands of international companies. Gercek Kozmetik gives services to approximately 27,000 direct and indirect distribution to pharmacies to cosmetics, chain store group, hairdresser, serves the retail and wholesale outlets from every region of Turkey.